The future of our State and our country is sitting in our classrooms right now and that is a responsibility we take very seriously.

Strengthening and sustaining schools

Integrating technology into the classroom is imperative for 21st century learning. Teachers and students in Catholic Partnership Schools enjoy the benefits of SMART boards, classroom workstations, and fully equipped computer labs.

Our ministry to children includes empowering their families to value education’s significance. Our Family Support Programs allow us to provide necessary tools and resources to families that will reinforce classroom learning and help families identify and remedy barriers to children’s success.

Our responsibility is to provide an excellent education that gives children the skills they need for success in rigorous high schools so they have a choice of a college, profession, or trade. Measuring our success is important. It allows us to build on our strengths and to strengthen opportunities for growth.

Education is a transformative power that can positively change children’s lives and give them hope and a future of possibility. CPS co-curricular activities are designed to present new opportunities to students while enhancing their school-day learning.  

Catholic Partnership Schools believes that it is our obligation to insure mastery of core, foundational skills in reading and math. Our new literacy programs include the Children’s Literacy Initiative and First in Math.

Art becomes a unifying theme for Catholic Partnership Schools. In so many ways, the arts, whether visual, musical, or performing, can change everything. Art is a gift, an original gift that changes the one who receives and the one who creates.

Latest News

2017 – 5th Annual Education Summit Highlights

Trauma Sensitive Classrooms and Responsive Schools The Education Summit focused on the impact of trauma on the brain and strategies for creating places of safety and security for our children. Joining us were two of our nations’s leaders who help educators practically address the impact of of adverse childhood experiences; Dr. Sandra Bloom and Dr. […]

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CPS Basketball Teams End Season

Our basketball season officially came to a close on Monday night. Overall, we had successful seasons, with all teams making it into the playoffs, and all of the boys’ teams making it to the championships. Thank you to all of the players and parents for making this such a wonderful season! And special thanks to […]

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Fund a Future

The future of our State and our country is sitting in our classrooms right now and that is a responsibility we take very seriously. Our schools don’t simply educate students; they change the lives of thousands of children and their families at a fraction of the cost of public schools. Our donors’ support has helped […]

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