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Mission and Vision

Mission Statement:

Catholic Partnership Schools are committed to strengthening and sustaining the educational excellence of the Catholic, Pre-K-8 schools that serve the children of Camden. This network of four Partnership Schools, and the Community Learning Campus at Saint Anthony’s nurture communities grounded in faith and values. They provide enriched, student-centered programs that prepare their graduates for successful transition into rigorous, college preparatory or technical high schools.


By experiencing the highest level of academics and services, CPS students enter the world with confidence and resilience, guided by a spiritual compass, and thrive in the career path of their choice. 


We Believe That:

  • Excellent Catholic schools provide an environment − founded on faith and graced by God − that nourishes the spirits and souls of children in a way that can sustain them for a lifetime.
  • The neighborhood school is an anchor of security for children, families and communities.
  • Education is a transformative power that can positively change children’s lives and give them hope and a future of possibility. It is the most critical factor in breaking the cycle of poverty.
  • Our children need places and people upon whom they can depend for safety, strength, and support.
  • It is an obligation of schools to insure mastery of core, foundational skills in reading and mathematics.
  • Curriculum and instruction must be purposefully designed, student-centered, and individualized to assure that each child achieves.
  • Teachers must be professional educators – trained, experienced, and committed not only to the children they serve but to the evolving craft of teaching.
  • We have a grave responsibility to provide an excellent education that prepares the children with the skills they need for success in rigorous high schools so that they can have the choice of college and a profession or trade.
  • Our ministry to children includes empowering their families to value education’s significance. By sharing with them a vision for the future, we create a community that provides the consistency, love, and nurturance needed for children to grow into fine adults.